HYJACK AND TORCHAS – Back after 5 years

hyjack and Torchas

Five years after the release of their debut album Drastik Measures, Sydney-based duo Hyjak N Torcha make their much anticipated return with Gold Coast producer Mules alongside guest production from the likes of Jase and Jetlag. Across 15 introspective tracks, Unregrettable tackles the demons and issues they’ve battled in nearly half a decade, and with it, they’ve found clarity and musical maturity.

Buoyed by a new found lyrical urgency and a desire to tackle global issues, Hyjak N Torcha set their sights on empirical tyranny What’s Wrong With the World?, life’s simple escapes, Everyday Escape, and personal reflection (the MURS guest-starring single No Regrets). Driven by its polished production, Unregrettable is an unmistakable step forward that embraces hip hop’s love of global genres, yet never once forgetting traditional roots and styles.

Alongside noted names like N’Fa (guest starring in the track Today Was), SQZ, and MURS, Unregrettable is proof that the duo are a pillar in the foundation of a scene reaching new heights. There is a new breed of Australian hip hop making noise, boundless and limitless, but as Hyjak N Torcha prove with Unregrettable, legends never die.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. All I Have
3. Bring Back That Feeling (feat. East Coast)
4. No Regrets (feat. MURS)
5. Everyday Escape (feat. Haunts)
6. Real Life (feat. SQZ)
7. Bathroom Wall (feat. Gina)
8. What’s Wrong With the World? (feat. SQZ + Genocide)
9. Vice Grip
10. Illusions (feat. SQZ)
11. Told What To Think (feat. 2Furious)
12. Anti Social Behavior
13. Change
14. That Feeling
15. Today Was (feat. N’Fa)

is set for release on  June 19th via Obese Records.

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