Street Art of Sydney’s Inner West

streetart_innerwest_allaussie hip hopStreet Art of Sydney’s Inner West is a pictorial reference book, celebrating 30 years of street art and the people behind it. Sydney’s inner west has some of the best examples of street art in Australia. Yet many landmark street art pieces such as “Idiot Box” painted in 1993 have unfortunately disappeared in a time of intense high-density housing construction and renovation.
Meet the artists and their crews such as teazer, phibs, zap, doer and the movement, in their own words and art.
Street Art varies from the iconic “I have a Dream” mural on King Street, Newtown (see below), to graffiti writing, stencils, and paste ups. All hold cultural and social significance to an area gradually being cleaned up. Just as common as the street art itself is the residents appreciation. People who appreciate graffiti and street art will like this book.

The book is available online for only $36 plus postage. Follow the link here to purchase.

streetart_innerwest_allaussie hip hop