Phunnymoney – Cypher Round Vol.1 ; Droppin’ Shit

Phunnymoney is a Sydney based, born and breed beat maker with a lifelong passion for music, collecting rare records and finding those breaks that make it all worthwhile.

Phunnymoney’s new CD: Cypher Round Vol.1 ; Droppin’ Shit is available now as a free digital. The CD has many elements that are typical of the style Phunnymoney is known for like heavy drums, deep booming bass with a warm analogue sound.

Back in 1999 Phunnymoney was competing nationally as a battle DJ. Proving to himself and the Hip Hop Australian scene what he is capable of. Not only with his scratching, tricks and beat juggling, but also incorporating vinyl samples no one else was using at the time. This technique of finding vinyl samples no other DJ used allowed  him to stand out from the crowd making a name for himself.

Since then Phunnymoney has been busy raiding creates, studying the masters and perfecting his own production skills which makes his beats truly stick out from the crowd.
Phunnymoney’s goal has always been about preserving those oldschool methods of making true Hip Hop and keeping those techniques and values alive with his music.

This is the complete CD ripped @ 320kbps: Download