Axiom’s Top 5 12 Inches Of All Time

After the release of Axiom Digi 12″ 1 a few months ago, Kay Illa and Bom are back with Digi 12″ 2. In honor of the release we got the guys to talk about their top 5 12″ of all time. We didn’t say Australian albums must feature……but it’s good to see some representation up there!

A1 Put It On
A2 Put It On – Instrumental
A3 Put It On – Radio Edit
A4 Put It On – Accapella
B1 Put It On – L.G. Remix
B2 Put It On – L.G. Instrumental
B3 Put It On – L.G. Radio Edit
B4 Danger Zone
Kay Illa: The most potent MC of all time, Harlem’s finest verses in accapella format are magnets for deejays fingertips worldwide, the remixes are ok but the original is an all time classic
Bom: Big L is a monster! Kid Capri on the hook, this shit is classic and makes for a dope accapella.



A1 Mayday (This Is It)
A1 Mayday (This Is It) – Instrumental
A1 Mayday (This Is It) – Accapella
B1 The Greater Good feat. Mojo the Cinematic
B1 The Greater Good – Instrumental
B1 The Greater Good – Accapella
Kay Illa: Delta and Mark B teamed up for this 12’’ and the LP that followed “The Lostralian” which is one the best local releases hands down. I think you can you hear an overall completion when a mc teams up with a producer to concentrate on a project. Deltas punchy delivery demands attention over the Londoners gritty loops.
Bom: The Lostralian was a huge album. I love the way that Delta says “No more Rut, that was that” at the end of “Mayday”, referring to the popularity of “The Rut” on his EP. Personally, I prefer “Paper Weight” to “The Rut” any day.


A1 Rework The Angles feat. AG, Defari and Xzibit
A2 Guaranteed (12 Inch Mix)
A3 Work The Angles (Remix)
A1 Rework The Angles feat. AG, Defari and Xzibit – Instrumental
A2 Guaranteed (12 Inch Mix) – Instrumental
A3 Work The Angles (Remix) – Instrumental
Kay Illa: A crew that earned their fame / cred through hard work and an ill collection of 12’’s. This for mind is one of the best. The B side Guaranteed is crazy with ALC on the beat and Mr. slow flows verse is straight fire. I also admire their middle finger to the major labels attitude, the independent godfathers. The remix with the guest emcees is dope too.
Bom: Dilated has been a huge influence on Axiom. This is an early 12” from before they dropped their 1st album “The Platform”.  We saw them play at Days like this but the sound was shit, I can’t wait to see Evidence in Sydney at the end of the month.

A1 Gave Em An Inch
A2 Gave Em An Inch – Jase Remix
A3 Gave Em An Inch – Instrumental
B1 Stick To What Ya Know
B2 Stick To What Ya Know – Instrumental
B3 Gave Em An Inch – Jase Remix Instrumental
B4 Gave Em An Inch – Accapella
B5 Scratchapella
Kay Illa: LG with a can of OP brings a tear to this Queenslanders eye. I remember picking this up from Rocking Horse when I was living on the north coast of NSW. It’s like a 4 hour roundtrip that I made just for this 12’’ then the LP dropped and it was back up the Pacific hwy for banned in Queensland. A perfect example on how a 12’’ can create more hyped than a kid with a gut full of red cottee’s. Lazy Grey spits vicious over his own production on both tracks
Bom : Gave Em An Inch is a track that will go down in Australian Hip Hop history as a classic. This 12” has a banging remix by Jase, which I prefer over the original nowadays.

A1 Shook Ones Part II (Radio Edit)
A2 Shook Ones Part II (Cleaner Than Clean Radio Edit)
B1 Shook Ones Part II (Acappella)
B2 Shook Ones Part II (Instrumental)
B3 Shook Ones Part II (Album Version)
Kay Illa: There is not a person on this planet that doesn’t love this track, if they say they don’t they’re lying dickheads. P’s verse is timeless with havoc on the boards ILL SHIT! I don’t think there is an instro that has been used for more battles then this one.
Bom: Shook ones pt2 is a classic track as well as being a classic instrumental and classic accapella. Everything about this track is good.  This is the kinda track I can’t help but rap along with.

Axiom – Digi 12 Inch 02 drops tomorrow Friday the 15th of October! Stay tuned for more details on that free release.
Sneak peek of the digi 12″ 2 below. Check the guys on facebook where you can win a hard copy of the release.