Illy – The Chase – 14 Tracks In 14 Days [Day 14]

The anticipation for Illy’s second album, The Chase, continues to grow with the announcement that Triple J has selected it as next week’s Feature Album. Tune in to Triple J all week for your chance to hear more from The Chase! The album’s first single, It Can Wait (feat. Owl Eyes), was the 3rd and 4th most played track on Triple Jfor the last two weeks respectively. The single has also gained across the board NOVA adds through the country, including Nova 969 (Sydney), Nova 919 (Adelaide), Nova 1069 (Brisbane) along with night time rotation nationally. Expect a brand new music video for the single to hit the airwaves very soon. Illy has also been added to this year’s Pyramid Rock Festival, bringing in the New Year alongside an already illustrious roster of artists both national and international.

In the lead up to the release of his anticipated second album The Chase, Melbourne MC Illy has launched ‘14 Tracks in 14 Days’. What is 14 Tracks in 14 Days you ask? Commencing last Friday the 15th of October.Illywill be uploading 1 track per day off his new album The Chase for streaming via his official website

Each track will be accompanied by a detailed description of the song, sharing exclusive details like the meanings behind the songs through to the recording process. This is intended to give fans not only an in-depth insight into the album, but also an idea of the overall flow of the record.  Below you can find out what Illy had to say about Day 14 track ‘Same Number, Same Hood’.You can check the track out here.

Day 14 – Track: ‘Same Number, Same Hood’
Another Ta-Ku beast, I had this down as the outro from the first listen. It’s just got that real chilled vibe, but at the same time it still knocks. It was originally 24 bar verses, and I had them written, but I didn’t think that as an outro there should be these long verses, prefer to keep it short and sweet and have the hook loop to close it out.This track ties back into the intro in many aspects – it’s talking about the past, the present and the future. Here, it’s a lot more reflective of growing up than the immediate past, but I kinda dig that it’s finishing on a similar, and at the same time completely different, note. I found that when writing this album, there were a few times where what I was saying was in reaction to other people, and wanting to rise above it. I think the line “I’m paying forward all the chances that the Melbourne scene gave me // I represent for them, even if it aint reciprocated” pretty much sums up where I’m at – I’ve got nothing but love for the whole game and everyone in it, whether or not they feel the same towards me, because without that game and the shit that goes with it, I wouldn’t have the life I’ve got, which is pretty awesome truth be told.I said earlier that if you had told me 5 years ago that my mates would be doing what they’re doing now I would have told you to shut up. If you had told me 5 years ago I’d be doing what I’m doing now, I can’t even pick the response.

The Chase out through Obese Records October 29th