Australia’s top hip hop artists unite to speak for multiculturalism

Australia’s top Hip Hop artists, including hip hop legend Hau of Koolism and international award winning slam poet and rapper Omar bin Musa, have come together to speak out against the recent attacks on multiculturalism.

 In a hip hop video specially recorded in support of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA), the four artists of diverse cultural backgrounds (Malaysian, Indian, Greek and Tongan Australians) expressed their personal take on the recent issues. 

FECCA is the national peak body representing multicultural Australians.

FECCA has been inundated with responses from communities and leaders across Australia about recent articles in the mainstream press declaring the failure of multiculturalism. 

Omar Bin Musa says in his piece “Everyone look in my eyes, being patriotic doesn’t mean I can’t criticize [the] system that I live in.” In calling for a change in attitudes, Greek Australian rapper and poet Lesson MC says, “Change is much more than the coins in your pockets. It takes a new way to see the world through your sockets.”

They say if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything, developing an awful legacy

 – Hau, Koolism

The artists were accompanied by star beatboxer, Kodak.

 FECCA ran a national campaign last year called “Reclaim Multiculturalism” which attracted wide support. FECCA’s current campaign is “Advancing Multiculturalism” and the video is released in support of this. 

FECCA Chair Pino Migliorino said, “In times when multiculturalism comes under attack, we need to hear the voices of Australians for whom this is not a choice anymore. Young Australians model for us the innovative richness of cross cultural interactions. We have to stop the blame game on religions and cultures and get on with the task of building the structures of our new multicultural policy.”

The video is one of many strategies that FECCA will use to support the cause of multiculturalism in its current campaign.