Siyoni If I Have To feat. Nyne & I AM D​​

Siyoni is the true identity of the artist known formally as CHIEFS and in the case of this rising producer, the shedding of this skin reveals his need for honesty. Buried deep within are the haunting melodies, hypnotic synths and driving 808s that we’ve come to know from him but somewhere beneath those conventions exists a surfacing song writer.

The Melbourne based producer first gained popularity with a string of releases and remixes on labels such as Kitsune, Elysian, Moving Castle and Die High Records from 2013-2016 which catapulted him globally as producer to watch. He became known for a brand of hybrid Trap and R&B that blended dance floor sensibility with traditional soul grooves which were staples of his early creations. But for the past year the cleansing of his CHIEFS persona has opened up the possibility for artistic freedom.

Now known as Siyoni and armed with a slew of new material, he is re-establishing his music with an integrity that comes from knowing himself. Coming off the solid release of ‘Stay Young’ he enlists fellow Australians NYNE and I.AM.D on his follow up single ‘If I Have To’ available now through Melbourne label WVS.

Siyoni – If I Have To Feat. Nyne & I AM D​​ is Out Now On ​WVS1