Is Travy P Australia’s Travis Scott? 📹

High In Demand.
Produced by Rico Beats, WVS artist Travy P is ready for the big screen. Dropping on the rappers SoundCloud profile this morning, Travy P presents Blocbuster. 

A cinematic and dynamic approach, the baller comes in on the top of this one with some serious style. The take over from the WVS label has been incoming for a moment now. We recently heard from label head Mat G, who has let it be known that the they will be releasing a new track every week for the next 2.5 months. A mammoth effort for such a small team who have only been in the game for a moment now. 

Blocbuster looks to signal the start of this run, figuratively lighting up the sky like a giant wave emoji bat signal. Get your capes ready 🦇  Travy P’s first single for 2018, titled ‘Mistakes’ will feature I.E. and drops on March 2, the wait is nearly over storm coming ☔️