Chasm Night Vision

After working together on Chasm’s last album This Is How We Never Die, the two developed a strong collaborative bond. Last year Blak Twang flew out to Australia to hook up with Chasm again. The result was the Night Vision EP, fresh and full of scope. The feel of the EP travels from laid-back and sunny, to moody and dark. Imagery is vividly brought to life by Blak Twang’s expert wordplay. In lead single The Summer, Chasm favours warm strings and laid back beats. Blak Twang along with Aussie emcees Ozi Batla (The Herd/Astronomy Class) and Hau (Koolism/triple j hip … Continue reading Chasm Night Vision

Joelistics Blue Volume

Melancholic and raucous, untamed and earnest. Welcome to the chaotic world of Blue Volume, the new album from Joelistics. Available now to pre-order. A messy break up and the tragic loss of a dear friend saw Joelistics escape to Berlin to take some time out and begin work on the follow up to his treasured debut album Voyager. After a sweltering but productive summer, Joel lost an entire album of material when his laptop was stolen. Starting afresh, Joelistics channelled all the raw emotions previously kept out of harm’s reach to make his most compelling and personal record to date. … Continue reading Joelistics Blue Volume

Mr. Hill & Rahjconkas Flip Violent Soho’s Covered In Chrome

With 2 albums released in 2 years, they are proof that hard work pays off. None can disregard their passion and drive for making music by constantly pushing the boundaries of hip hop as a genre and striving for a truly unique sound. Mr Hill & Rahjconkas have again began constructing new music with the creation of their 3rd album. The new album will see the pair taking on a more mature roll as song writers and really setting themselves apart in the industry as innovators. Placing firm guidelines down for the new direction and sound. They have taken on a … Continue reading Mr. Hill & Rahjconkas Flip Violent Soho’s Covered In Chrome

Rawthentic Records The Roster Album Launch

The Roster stays true to that old Melbourne soundscape painted by the influential crews and artists who held skills and originality before all else. Laden with proper production from Rawthentic favourites – Must Volkoff, Engineer, Brez, Vince Van Go & Sammy Scissors, the 12 track LP also features new names to the boards Koots on the title track posse cut, while Fluent Form makes his production debut with J.Mac on Half Full. Throw in heavy cuts and even a beat from the resident DJ Rellik and you have yourself The Rawthentic Roster. Check the Rawthentic Records crew as they bring their … Continue reading Rawthentic Records The Roster Album Launch

Freeds Jetski Blues EP Launch

Heard of Freeds? Well if you haven’t now’s the time because he is a refreshing addition to the hip-hop scene in Australia with a sound like none-other. His honesty shines through over fresh sounding beats with new-school flows, lyrics to impress and melodies that show he is a natural musician. Freeds recently teamed up with Perth beat-maker (Baloo) to release his second EP Jetski Blues in March this year and he has since become one of the most talked about up and coming rappers in the scene. The opening track off Jetski Blues, ‘Little Light’, has already been featured twice on triple … Continue reading Freeds Jetski Blues EP Launch