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Obese Records & GDH Events Present:

Obese Records and GDH Events are proud to present a huge night of aussie hip hop for those in and around Geelong. The gig will be happening December 12, 2009. Since joining forces in 2001, Muph & Plutonic have propelled themselves into the heart of Australian Hip-Hop and the wider music scene. The evolution of their cumulative talents has shone […]


Crate Creeps and Prue Product Albums 2010

Both the Crate Creeps and Pure Product have their own albums coming up for release in early 2010 and DJ Butcher and 4th thought they’d do a short track for Myspace (here) and Youtube (above) to let everyone know that shit is happening and that new albums are in the works!! Crate Creeps consists of DJ Butcher and Tommy Illfigga […]