Enflux – Shovel In Hand

Enflux originally from the New England region of NSW, is now a new addition to the Boomtown scene and has just released a follow up to his The Discovery EP titled Shovel In Hand. The new EP features Alisa Fedele, Context, eMCYTe, Tycotic, Nix, Davie Darko, C A M, and Mitchell James. Shovel In Hand has been totally produced, mixed and mastered by Mitchell James. Enflux will spend the next year promoting his brand new EP. He is currently writing his first full length album as well as a short mixtape that will proceed the upcoming album, just to keep them ears … Continue reading Enflux – Shovel In Hand

DiktionOne – Sunny Days

DiktionOne presents the brand new film clip for Sunny Days featuring Alisa Fedele, taken from his breakthrough debut album Cardboard Crown. The track features production by skilled producer Ruski. Sunny Days was independently produced from the ground up including the film clip, with DiktionOne and DJ Rellik responsible for the final cut and edit. This is a continuing theme for the duo as they released DiktionOne’s debut album Cardboard Crown independently through Turnstyle Records. The album was regarded as a breakthrough album with a quality of rhyme and production not often seen on a debut project. The album gained acclaim from triple … Continue reading DiktionOne – Sunny Days