Briggs – The Wrong Brother

From the moment Briggs dropped his self-released debut EP, the brilliant and groundbreaking Homemade Bombs (2009), it was obvious to everyone that this marked the arrival of a powerful and unique voice on the scene. His indigenous roots and his rural upbringing in the small country town of Shepparton (Victoria) gave him a perspective like no one else. Powered by a rapid-fire, melodic, direct approach, Briggs was as funny as he was deep. It was this rare combination of characteristics that lead to him being embraced by some of the wiser and more experienced heads in the local scene. The newcomer was invited to open for … Continue reading Briggs – The Wrong Brother

Briggs shoots film clip for the track ‘Bad Move’

Briggs has just finished up work on his upcoming film clip for the track ‘Bad Move’. As you can see by the above picture, things were looking pretty interesting. We got Briggs to tell us a little bit more about the clip and here’s what he had to say: It was filmed on location at a boxing gym in Collingwood, on a hot as fuck day. The sun was beating down on the tin roof and it only got amplified inside with all the extras and lights. I got my homie Joey Russell Jnr, Australias favorite midget wrestler in the … Continue reading Briggs shoots film clip for the track ‘Bad Move’