DJ Afrika Bambaataa Australia & NZ tour

Named by LIFE Magazine as one of the most important Americans of the 20th Century, DJ Afrika Bambaataa is a musical visionary, DJ extraordinaire, living legend and founder of the Universal Zulu Nation. Aa collective of socially and politically aware emcees, DJs, graffiti artists and break dancers.   With over 35 years trailblazin’ around the world, Bam, as he’s affectionately known, can almost single-handedly be credited for the urban music revolution – redefining music and culture as we know it today. In fact, Bam is the person responsible for coining the term “Hip Hop” in reference to this global movement. … Continue reading DJ Afrika Bambaataa Australia & NZ tour

That’s Them – BAM! [New Video Clip]

Thats Them Feat. Kerser, Swarmy & DJ Mathmatics – BAM! Heres the brand new video which is taken from the forthcoming That’s Them album The G-Up set to be released Dec 17th The G-UP features 17 tracks, with guest appearances from Smashbrothers, Kerser, Swarmy, Scott Burns, Rinse and DJ Mathmatics More information to come soon. Directed by Avene Continue reading That’s Them – BAM! [New Video Clip]