BBC Playlister

The BBC has recently announced BBC Playlister, a new digital music product that will transform people’s relationship with music from the Corporation. BBC Playlister will let audiences add and save their favourite tracks heard on the BBC to a personal online playlist, which they can then export to one of the BBC’s digital music partners where they can hear the music in full.  Music fans will also get hand-picked recommendations from their favourite DJs and presenters. Each year, the BBC showcases more music than any other broadcaster across its radio, TV and online services.  However, once broadcast, it can be … Continue reading BBC Playlister

Banksy directs new Simpsons title sequence

UK graffiti artist Banksy has created a controversial title sequence for long-running US animation The Simpsons. The latest intro, which was shown in the US on Sunday, opens with the street artist’s tag scrawled across the town of Springfield. It closes with a minute-long sequence showing dozens of sweatshop workers in a warehouse painting cartoon cells and making Simpsons merchandise. The episodes titled is called MoneyBart. The extended sequence was apparently inspired by reports the show outsources the bulk of their animation to a company in South Korea. According to the street artist, his storyboard led to delays, disputes over … Continue reading Banksy directs new Simpsons title sequence