Interview with Eloquor about his new album ‘Charge’

Charge is the title to your highly anticipated second LP release, after the successful debut effort on Move Up. Whats  been the biggest change for you personally and musically going into the making of Charge? I guess I was much more picky with the beats I chose for Charge. I really tried to get as many beat reels together from as many strong producers as I possibly could to get the sound I was after. I also got to hypeman for Briggs on the Hilltop Hoods tour last year which definitely influenced my perspective on how I wanted my music … Continue reading Interview with Eloquor about his new album ‘Charge’

Geko – The Appointment EP – Free Download

The Appointment is the result of a weekend spent in the lab with producer Doc Savage in early 2009. Geko throws his train of thought freewheeling rhyme patterns over some deep production making for an interesting combination. Featuring bonus track/remixes by Jase (Beathedz). Limited run of hardcopies coming soon. Tracklisting 1. Lights Out 2. Kill 3. Day After Day 4. Living Proof 5. Twenty Dollers. Ft 1/6 6. Talk 7. Bring The Noise (Prod by Jase Beathedz) 8. Kill (Jase Beathedz Remix) 9. Day After Day (Jase Beathedz Remix) All tracks Produced by Rhett “Doc Savage” Parkinson except where indicated. … Continue reading Geko – The Appointment EP – Free Download