Funkoars – Vamoose

The Funkoars have dropped a 3rd film clip from their critically acclaimed album The Quickening. Vamoose was produced by Full Clip Productions and features the acting stylings of Benjie McNair of Neighbours fame. The clip is a biting social commentary on the state of the economy done in true Oars fashion. The video is best summed up by YouTube user KrazyBot: “Absolutely moving and inspirational clip. The camera roll towards the protagonist creates a sense of desperation within the responder as we watch him try in vain to make enough sandwiches as he is struck by projectiles. Audience members are … Continue reading Funkoars – Vamoose

Funkoars – Being Vincent D’Onofrio Tour 2012

Back on the scene with the force of a freight train, The Funkoars hit back last year after a 12 month hiatus to deliver their new album The Quickening to critical acclaim and their album launch tour saw them leave a trail of hangovers in 18 cities across the country! With standout shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Fat As Butter & Sprung Festival, it was always expected that the almighty Funkoars crew would swing back around to do it all over again! But this time, they are channelling the spirit of Law & Order’s Vincent D’Onofrio and bringing him … Continue reading Funkoars – Being Vincent D’Onofrio Tour 2012