Obese TV – Episode 3

The third full length episode of Obese TV is here. Obese TV aims to feature dope new segments such as ‘New Releases’, ‘Classics’, ‘Obese Retail’, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Backstage Pass’ and more. Each episode of Obese TV will be hosted by a different member of the scene. In Episode 3 of Obese TV, we see features from Kerser and Rates, Catch Wreck with Lazy Grey, Jake Biz and DJ DCIDE. Plus chats with Geko, and community radio’s Adrian Basso (PBS), Stewart Farrell (RRR), as well as publicist Sam Cameron (Beatbroker).    If that wasn’t enough already, take a look at the new Obese Records Frankston store opening! Obese Records  ||  Youtube  ||  Twitter  ||  Facebook Continue reading Obese TV – Episode 3

Catch Wreck

Every so often, an event comes along with the purpose of cementing itself a place in history. In a time where large showcases are usually catered towards the more mainstream listener, Matt Van Rooy and Catch Wreck have proudly assembled an impeccable line up of artists revered by Hip Hop aficionados and fans Australia wide. This is a night put on by the fans, for the fans. Underground royalty, of this phenomenal caliber have never appeared together in this capacity to perform on the same night. Until now, Get ready to Catch Wreck. Catch Wreck will feature the legendary Lazy Grey with … Continue reading Catch Wreck