Quentin Tarantino Every Death

Quentin Tarantino is known for not only his amazing movies, his complex and original scripts but also the insane body count found in his movies. Jaume R. Lloret has edited together a four-minute supercut, that compiles every death in a Tarantino film— ever. Spanning from Reservoir Dogs all the way to Django Unchained, the clip has death by samurai sword, stabbing to the back of the neck, suffocation, explosion and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Share this post, cause ya dope! Continue reading Quentin Tarantino Every Death

David Dallas feat. The Daylight Robbery Australian Tour

Kiwi Hip Hop artist David Dallas is the “artist formerly known as”. Formerly known as Con Psy. Formerly known as one-half of the award winning hip hop group Frontline. Through currently known as “the next big thing”. Dallas first appeared on the New Zealand music scene after label mate P-Money spotted the prodigious talents of the rising star. It was this recognition that led to Dallas’ searing verse on Scribe’s “Not Many – The Remix”. The song heralded the arrival of an untapped rap talent that New Zealand hip-hop was quick to make room for. Eight years on from that 16 bar … Continue reading David Dallas feat. The Daylight Robbery Australian Tour