Exclusive: Geko & Aetcix – GOATMOB ‘Flatline’ feat. Fatty Phew

‘GOATMOB’; Virtual socio-phobes, they are seldom seen at nightclubs, festivals or other communal shindigs. It is believed they spend most of their waking life underground, practising their primitive form of music and imbibing in strange herbs and potions. Emerging from the midst of Melbourne’s underground, the latest production from the illustrious Crate Cartel crew is Goatmob. Both emcees and producers respectively, the complimentary alliance that is Geko and Aetcix successfully combine their individual styles to bring this peculiarly alluring project to fruition. Goatmob reunites the duo again after collaborating on previous projects such as 2007’s Raw Four EP and the … Continue reading Exclusive: Geko & Aetcix – GOATMOB ‘Flatline’ feat. Fatty Phew