Fobes – Walk On Dreams feat. Sonia De Pellegrin (Prod. One Above)

Gold Coast emcee Forbes has always felt like he saw the world a little differently. Younger days caught in a world of his own vivid imagination quickly become memories to mourn and fear. A self confessed loner, Forbes is a rapper with an unfamiliar story to tell.  2011 brought forth many career landmarks. Under the wing of new found friend and mentor Pez, Forbes earned his place as opening act for Pez & 360 on their national Change It For The Better Tour. Hard work and cunning saw Forbes battle his way onto the stage at Sprung Hip-Hop festival and most … Continue reading Fobes – Walk On Dreams feat. Sonia De Pellegrin (Prod. One Above)

Forbes / Bad, meet Evil… Collaboration Tee

In early 2010, JRF was handed a demo by a young Gold Coast emcee after a chance encounter. Upon pressing play, he was immediately sucked into a black hole of insanity, filled with yrical genius, mind-warping beats and a ridiculous flow. A year later, Forbes is now proudly sponsored by BME and has his name on a strictly limited edition collaboration tee. All Bad, meet Evil… tees are only made from the highest quality materials, and are produced under strict guidelines to ensure every garment looks and feels amazing. Bad, meet Evil… produces only limited edition, premium quality tees, and focuses … Continue reading Forbes / Bad, meet Evil… Collaboration Tee

Forbes – Kid Been Waiting

Forbes has been breaking grounds this year dropping mixtape tracks that have been well received and even releasing a track with Pez . Lately we have seen a series of tracks aimed at the haters with an upbeat fuck you feel to them. Forbes is back with his second EP release titled Kid Been Waiting. “I conciously made the EP more ‘commericially appealling’, I chose beats that I thought were current and on that ‘next level’. It was therapudic to talk about some personal struggles I’ve dealt with in the past, sever anxiety, panic attacks and long bouts with depression. The EP … Continue reading Forbes – Kid Been Waiting

Treehouse Collective Mixtape

Matt Beaton, Josh Gilmour and Kel Corbett all studied together at High School, Tafe and University, forging a strong friendship along the way. Between us we’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients across various industries such as the Arts, Music, Fashion, Theatre, Editorial Newspaper & Magazine Design, Film, TV and Web/Multimedia Design. After working for various design & photography companies around Perth, we established Treehouse in ’07 as a way to pool our skills and pursue the type of work we love to do. With a shared passion for music, this is one area we … Continue reading Treehouse Collective Mixtape

MC 360 features in ‘Bad, Meet Evil’ photo shoot [Designers of album covers, tattoos, illustrations, clothing etc]

Amid the incessant droning of commerce lecturers and the clinical fluorescent lighting of the university halls, a complex soul emerged from the masses. Societal and parental expectations were put aside and his creative conscience surfaced. Soon, he was staring out the studio window, wondering if he made the right decision in swapping the text books for Textas. Introducing, the illustrative graphic designer and director of clothing label, ‘Bad, meet Evil’. Fonti confidently transfers the bold, dramatic and somewhat gruesome imagery from his mind, to the fabric with a passion. From the quality screen printing to the intricate embroidery, ‘Bad, meet Evil’ is … Continue reading MC 360 features in ‘Bad, Meet Evil’ photo shoot [Designers of album covers, tattoos, illustrations, clothing etc]