Tom Tom Crew Live In Melbourne

Raw energy personified, Australia’s Tom Tom Crew smash together acrobatics, hip-hop and percussion to create an entertaining, adrenaline-fuelled spectacle – a circus show for the 21st Century. From the first bass drum kick to the hairraising, acrobatic finale, Tom Tom Crew deliver a show that grabs you and doesn’t let go. The pulsing energy of hip-hop meets the raw physicality of acrobatics in a mash-up of gravity-defying manoeuvres, astonishing beat-boxing and breakdancing, improbable contortion and energetic drumming. This electrifying fusion of circus and street skills is overseen by ringmaster Ben Walsh, a world-renowned percussionist who provides the driving beat behind the heart-stopping … Continue reading Tom Tom Crew Live In Melbourne

Ozi Batla – Paul Kelly Tribute Video

Over his thirty year career Paul Kelly has released nearly twenty albums that have inspired generations of Australian musicians. His amazing back catalogue will be celebrated over two nights at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne with a host of local singers offering their interpretations of some of his classic songs. Here’s the list of vocalists who performed: Missy Higgins, John Butler, Paul Dempsey, Katy Steele, Bob Evans, Ozi Batla, Dan Kelly, Clare Bowditch, Jae Laffer, Adalita, Dan Sultan and Megan Washington. Ozi Batla performed two songs on the night, Sydney From a 727 and Careless. YouTube has a video clip … Continue reading Ozi Batla – Paul Kelly Tribute Video