Obese TV – Episode 2

The second full length episode of Obese TV is here, the ‘summer edition’. Obese TV aims to feature dope new segments such as ‘New Releases’, ‘Classics’, ‘Obese Retail’, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Backstage Pass’ and more. Each episode of Obese TV will be hosted by a different member of the scene. In Episode 2 of Obese TV, we see highlights from Hopsin’s recent in-store appearance at Obese Records. In ‘New Releases’ we hear from the Broken Tooth Entertainment crew including Tornts, Fraksha and Ciecmate. The ‘Spotlight’ this time around, is placed firmly on the massively talented Candice Monique.  If that wasn’t enough already, Frank from Obese Records retail store talks about vinyl records and what they … Continue reading Obese TV – Episode 2