Eloquor – From The Oceans Of Karana

One of the most catalytic hip hop releases to date comes in the form of Eloquor’s third LP From the Oceans of Karana. Following on from the release of his 2011 EP, Eloquor continues to explore his fascination with the human condition. From the Oceans of Karana is a spiritual encounter, which explores both the fundamentals and intricacies of life. The album is divided into three parts; Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Each part is proceeded ceremoniously by a foreword from Ramesh, a Hindu mystic. The concept behind Eloquor’s themes is inspired by the three Hindu gods Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the … Continue reading Eloquor – From The Oceans Of Karana

Eloquor – New Day feat. Ginger Van Es

New Day is the first single from Eloquor’s forthcoming third album From The Oceans of Karana. Featuring the smooth vocals of Ginger Van Es (Pegz, Run For Your Life), and soulfully uplifting production of 76 (Briggs, Stronghorn Studios), Eloquor completes the trinity with his seamless flow. Lyrically the track highlights the importance of living one’s life in the present. Eloquor, renowned for his deep spirituality, offers his well pondered philosophies on slowing it all down, and taking it in.  The new single is available from iTunes now. Eloquor has also just released a brand new film clip for the track … Continue reading Eloquor – New Day feat. Ginger Van Es