Freeds Jetski Blues EP Launch

Heard of Freeds? Well if you haven’t now’s the time because he is a refreshing addition to the hip-hop scene in Australia with a sound like none-other. His honesty shines through over fresh sounding beats with new-school flows, lyrics to impress and melodies that show he is a natural musician. Freeds recently teamed up with Perth beat-maker (Baloo) to release his second EP Jetski Blues in March this year and he has since become one of the most talked about up and coming rappers in the scene. The opening track off Jetski Blues, ‘Little Light’, has already been featured twice on triple … Continue reading Freeds Jetski Blues EP Launch

Freeds Jetski Blues

Freeds can be found scrawling rhymes relentlessly at all hours of the morning, battling sleep and the monotony of a full- time job. Hailing from the shores of Sydney, now residing in Melbourne, his work ethic lies in his commitment to pushing boundaries and spreading creative music to the people. Combining the old, the new and the undefined, he is by no means bounded by the perceptions of what is and isn’t ‘allowed’, rather aiming to push those boundaries. The past year has seen Freeds chisel a few cracks in the Australian rap scene with the release of his debut EP … Continue reading Freeds Jetski Blues