360 – Stand The Fuck Up Mixtape (Art + Free Unreleased Track)

With the release of Falling and Flying ever approaching, 360 has lined up another mixtape for his legion of fans. Stand The Fuck Up features not only the tracks below, but also the Lil Wayne rip Elbow On My Dick and guest shots from Illy, Pez, Justice & Kaos and more still rumoured to come, this tape is shaping up bigger and better than both volumes of Please Be Seated. 360 (Unreleased) – I Hate You Track recorded for 360’s upcoming second album ‘Falling & Flying’ (2011). (Cut from final track listing.) 360 X Vegas Aces X Gotye – Hearts A Mess 360 X Prime X Frank Ocean – Swim Good 360 X … Continue reading 360 – Stand The Fuck Up Mixtape (Art + Free Unreleased Track)

360 – Falling & Flying

True to the title of his upcoming album Falling & Flying, Melbourne hip-hop artist 360 has been through some serious ups and downs over the past 12 months. All that is about to change with the impending release of Falling & Flying, which after a feverish wait is now due to drop on 30th September.  Radio listeners will already be familiar with the hit single Just Got Started, which features Triple J favourite Pez and rides atop a supremely funky Whitest Boy Alive sample. Others will have caught 360 live with Pez and Maya Jupiter recently on the national Change … Continue reading 360 – Falling & Flying

360 – Falling & Flying (Fighting & Fucking) Interview

aaahh: 2011 will see the release of Falling & Flying your sophomore full length album. What else is in store? 360: Take over Australia and the world on the musical tip. Also battle some of the worlds best and to sleep with Jenny Hendrix. With Falling & Flying I’ve got Styalz Fuego all over that shit, and a contribution from M-Phazes. Dropping first half 2011. Already a few sneak previews on http://www.facebook.com/3ree6ixty aahh: The title for your next album ‘Falling and Flying’ was adapted from a previous lyric, what made you develop this idea in to a full album concept? … Continue reading 360 – Falling & Flying (Fighting & Fucking) Interview