Top 20 Tracks We Didn’t See In triple j’s Hottest 100

With triple j’s Hottest 100 taking over the airwaves and all of our social media feeds on the weekend, we’ve decided to release a list of the top 20 tracks that we didn’t see in this year’s Hottest 100.  With all the great music in Australia, it’s hard for everyone to get a top 100 spot, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t artists out there who are deserving of this recognition. In no particular order we’ve picked a sample of these artists and tracks, and have listed them below for your enjoyment. Doc Felix – The Right Direction feat Dialect … Continue reading Top 20 Tracks We Didn’t See In triple j’s Hottest 100

Ciecmate & Maggot Mouf are Known Associates

For over a year these 2 contemporaries have locked themselves in the studio once a week to diligently shape and craft a new offering, Ashes To Dust. Ciecmate & Maggot Mouf trade verses back and forth, bar-for-bar in an epic team effort that interlocks prose and sonic aesthetics seamlessly. The joint delivery puts forth a tag-team approach reminiscent of a classic hip hop style that has not yet permeated Australia’s often individually focused scene. The insane turntable prowess of DJ No Name Nathan (2 x ACT DMC Champion) stitches the release together, officially making Known Associates a triple threat. The production … Continue reading Ciecmate & Maggot Mouf are Known Associates