Tkay Maidza U-huh

Tkay Maidza’s radio hits Brontosaurus and Handle My Ego took over dance-floors across Australia last year with their original take on dancehall infused hip-hop and her sassy and chatty rap style. Back with a new startling single U-huh she’s ready to take on the world with the Dew Process family right behind her. From teaming up with Swick and Lewis Cancut for the clubby bass-rattler Arm Up to touring across the country with Nina Las Vegas with Wave Racer, Cosmo’s Midnight, Emoh Instead, and her producer Elk on U-Huh, Tkay Maidza has already been hailed as the hyper new face of hip-hop. Her … Continue reading Tkay Maidza U-huh

Sid Pattni – Mr Alpha feat. Whiskey Winter

London-born, Kenya-raised and Perth-based – internationally recognised and well-hyphenated producer Sid Pattni has just released his highly anticipated follow up single Mr Alpha feat. Whisky Winter. Having his humble beginnings on the flipside of the mixing desk, Sid was known in the industry as one of the best drummers around. It was a severe injury in ‘09 that forced Sid to give up the high hats, instructed by doctors that he would lose all function in his arm and never drum again. Sid began a yearlong hiatus teaching himself piano as a means of physical therapy. Piano playing quickly turned … Continue reading Sid Pattni – Mr Alpha feat. Whiskey Winter