Burn City Hip Hop: Melbourne – September 3rd

StrictlyOZ from SYN FM now Kiss FM have put together a local show showcasing the talents of some Local upcoming Emcees and DJ’s at ID Gaff Bar in Collingwood, Melbourne this Saturday night. (September 3, 2011).  Matte Blac will be giving us some tracks from his recent Mixtape Mixed Business, Defron often known for his Battle talents steps to the stage with his man Ayelix to form Two Face, who are set to tear up the stage. Cryptic also known for his Battle MC abilities will perform new tracks from his upcoming EP and plenty more including Big Dip, Primary … Continue reading Burn City Hip Hop: Melbourne – September 3rd

Matte Blac – The Colour Of Sound [Single Download]

An MC with a passion for dynamic wordplay and sweet rhythms is set to release his solo mixtape, The Colour Of Sound. For his keen sense of social trends and world events, Matte is one who understands great lyrics, no backpedaling into tired metaphores each rhyme makes you think just hard as the previous.    Each and every line delivered has been painstakingly brought to perfection of recording and re-recording and even rewrting in the studio, this is nothing short of special. Matte is one half of well known Burn City crew Mixed Alliance who recently released they’re mixtape Mixed … Continue reading Matte Blac – The Colour Of Sound [Single Download]

2010 Look-Back Series #3: Mixed Alliance

Born and raised on the busy streets of Burn City, Matte Blac and Paddy G have fused a passion for Hip Hop and Funk Rhythms and together have formed Mixed Alliance. By blending these two music genres, they have created a unique take on the Hip Hop sound you may be use to. From humble beginnings as early as 2000, Mixed Alliance have transformed from a four man crew to the current duo. Constantly crafting their sound, and perfecting each and every rhyme, their aim is to make each song special shown through a love for Funk, Soul and Hip … Continue reading 2010 Look-Back Series #3: Mixed Alliance