Jess Harlen – Weaving

Boldly dubbed ‘an artist to watch’ by Rolling Stone magazine, Jess Harlen has lived up to the hype following the release of sophomore album Park Yard Slang. Due to popular demand by Harlen’s loyal fanbase, Weaving by majority vote, was chosen to be the second single from the album.   Produced by Plutonic Lab, the sub-heavy beat sets down solid ground, a complimentary setting for Harlen’s dreamy vocals. Fresh, crisp, and lyrically sophisticated, Weaving is a universally relatable tale of solitude.   Currently living between Brisbane and Boston, Harlen shot the music video for Weaving in Chinatown, New York. The clip features chiselled Brooklyn based Krump Dancer HallowDreamz. His presence intermittently scattered among frames of Jess, symbolic; an … Continue reading Jess Harlen – Weaving