Golden Era Records Mixtape 2012

The Golden Era Mixtape 2012 is the second in the series of mixtapes showcasing the talent, depth and skill of the artists on  the Golden Era Records labels. Released on the triple j hip hop show with Hau, the Golden Era Mixtape 2012 is out now. You can grab it by following the link here.  Mixed by ADFU, hosted by Briggs the mixtape features all of the usual suspects the Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, Vents, Briggs, Hau and K21. Highlights include The Hilltop Hoods Feat. Sia – I Love It (Trials Remix),  the new Hilltop Hoods track Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom, Debris, … Continue reading Golden Era Records Mixtape 2012

Level Headed – The Spice Of Life

Last night in the Riverland of South Australia, Level Headed lauched his first solo album, The Spice Of Life. Since leaving the group Train Of Thought in 2005, moving to teach physical education at Glossop High School, ensured that no music would be made for a while. The only rhymes that were spat over the next year or so were battles while on lunchtime yard duty with students, and a track made with a year ten student. Due to their common interest in education, Level Headed had a strong connection with Melbourne MC Reason. He appeared on his 2006 album … Continue reading Level Headed – The Spice Of Life