Mini Documentary on the life of Sydney MC Sky’high Pt. 1

Elefant Traks announces the signing of Sydney’s Sky’high, arguably the most surprising act to join the label’s roster yet. One of the most compelling artists to emerge from the local hip hop scene, Sky’high’s raw aggression seemingly puts her at odds with many of the Elefant Traks family, but her sheer talent and songwriting skills are undeniable. Growing up in the housing commissions of Maroubra and Ultimo, surrounded by a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and violence, Sky’s inner strength guided her through an upbringing completely foreign to most Australian kids. In many ways though, she embodies the spirit of hip hop and staunchly represents her area in a … Continue reading Mini Documentary on the life of Sydney MC Sky’high Pt. 1

Sky’high – Your Highness EP

It’s a big day for Sky’high today! The free download of Your Highness EP is available now. Sky’high is Australia’s most compelling Hip Hop artist yet. She displays a raw and aggressive style born from the gutters of Sydney. Tough as nails from a glance but catch a glimpse of that disarming smile and you get a hint there’s a lot more to this character than meets the eye. Sky’high has just been announced as the latest artist to sign with Elefant Traks and will be releasing an album in May 2012. The Your Highness EP features the 5 tracks including the … Continue reading Sky’high – Your Highness EP