Meggs and Rone feature in The Underbelly Project

In 2009 a project began four stories underneath the skin of New York. For 100 years, a massive subway station sat unfinished, unused, undiscovered. Over the course of the last year, artists have been secretly escorted into that station to leave their creative mark. Unobstructed by the pressures of commercial sales, email, or daily routines, each artist painted for one full night. The original entrance has since been removed and darkness has reclaimed the station. It has become an elusive pirate treasure of contemporary art. Welcome to The Underbelly Project. More details of the project have come to light in … Continue reading Meggs and Rone feature in The Underbelly Project

Metro Gallery – On The Wall (Melbourne)

This show will be one the biggest collection of contemporary street art ever shown in Australia, and includes pieces by some of the most notorious internationally renowned artists including; Blek le Rat: Blek is considered to be the godfather of stencil art, and has been producing street work for 30 years. He’s both a pioneer on the streets and in the transition to gallery work, and has inspired a generation of stencil artists. His signature Rat stencil that covered the streets of Paris in the 80’s is one of the most striking images in street art history. Banksy: Banksy hardly … Continue reading Metro Gallery – On The Wall (Melbourne)