Willis War Talk Double Album

Sydney solo MC and former Tavern Slander member Willis is here with his highly anticipated solo project the War Talk double LP. War Talk is the debut solo album by the artist featuring 25 brand new tracks across two CD’s. Willis is known for his sharp delivery and clever technical wordplay. He brings a very diverse flavour of hip hop to the table with music ranging from classic traditional boom bap tracks all the way to heavy metal inspired songs with melodic chorus’ that become embedded in your brain. With notable international artists Kool G Rap and Celph Titled on … Continue reading Willis War Talk Double Album

Cheap Sober – Gone Unnoticed (Out Now)

Sydney Hip-hop MC Cheap Sober is back with his second full length solo LP Gone Unnoticed. Cheap Sober has become a name resonating through Hip Hop circles across Australia after this release of his debut solo LP Sydney’s Worst in 2008 and is also a member of Sydney hip hop crew Tavern Slander. Cheap is known for his aggressive delivery and hard hitting lyrics. These foundations have built him a strong following of loyal supporters. Cheap Sober is quickly becoming a household name in the Australian Hip hop scene. Gone Unnoticed ranges from raw thumping Boom bap and funk infused tracks … Continue reading Cheap Sober – Gone Unnoticed (Out Now)