Otis High Freedom of Choice EP

Having released their debut single ‘Welcome Home‘ just last month, Melbourne duo Otis High have announced their debut EP ‘Freedom of Choice‘ ahead of their first national tour.
 ‘Freedom of Choice‘ transplants their live and energetic party sound into the studio, with a reminiscent boom bap styling similar to that of The Funkoars and Australian favourites Hilltop Hoods – whilst still maintaining a contemporary flair. Otis High are a 2 man hip hop group from Melbourne consisting of DJ Marshall and MC MHz. Formerly known as The D.Y.E, Otis High was formed when one member stepped aside for personal reasons, … Continue reading Otis High Freedom of Choice EP

Release Day: The D.Y.E Sorry For The Stickers

Introducing The D.Y.E. A three man hip hop group from Melbourne’s north, hell bent on getting their music to the people. 

Made up of DJ Marshall, MHz and Slam Master D, The D.Y.E already have two mix-tapes to their name. The debut EP entitled Sorry for the Stickers, references the infamous D.Y.E stickers, which any local could tell you, have been plastered all over Melbourne. 
With their energetic party sound reminiscent of J5 or Beastie Boys; The D.Y.E pride themselves on being masters of the live show. The EP’s general vibe is custom-made for a festival crowd, with plenty of … Continue reading Release Day: The D.Y.E Sorry For The Stickers