Bliss N Eso – Live In Conert New Year’s Day! [Darwin]

Bliss N Eso have become universally loved for their compelling and energetic live performances. An exhilarating blend of fluid rhymes and banging beats teamed with beat boxing, impromptu freestyling and seamless turntablism make their live shows a brand in their own right, and has seen the group hailed as one of the best live acts in the country. After four years of touring with consistently powerful performances, Bliss N Eso settled down in 2004 to record their first full length album, Flowers In The Pavement. In late 2006, Bliss N Eso’s second album, Day of the Dog, was released and … Continue reading Bliss N Eso – Live In Conert New Year’s Day! [Darwin]

BLISS N ESO – Sold out!

Bliss N Eso will contend for Urban Work of the year at tonight’s APRA awards. The lads have been nominated for their songs, Woodstock 2008 and The Sea Is Rising. The guys will also be performing, live The Sea Is Rising. Make sure you tune into MAX for a special broadcast, on Sunday July 5 at 8.30pm to catch some of the highlights. In other Bliss N Eso news, the Perth leg of the Flying Colours tour has sold out making the whole tour a complete sell out. Congrats should go to the guys as they have one of the … Continue reading BLISS N ESO – Sold out!