Fatty Phew – Downhill

The name Fatty Phew is now very familiar to cherished lovers of the music scene that is Hip-Hop. His versatility has always been known to leave an indelible mark on Geelong’s music culture. Fatty Phew has achieved far more than he could have ever dreamt of at the ripe age of 13 when he started illustrating lyrics that would be the starting point for a thriving career. Growing up in the Geelong Hip-hop/Street scene, Phew saw that music culture was absent in his city and so he made it his mission to put Geelong on the Map. The passion he … Continue reading Fatty Phew – Downhill

11th Annual Revolver MC Championship

This Thursday (September 17), Revolver Upstairs are proud to present the 11th Annual Revolver MC Comp. Eleven years of unsurpassed talent battling their skills for a heavyweight title that has been held by such greats as The Tongue (NSW), Bias B (VIC), Justice (VIC) and Delta (SA). The winner prize pack is valued at over $8,000, and consists of cash plus a flight voucher, goods from sponsors including McKenna Bourban, Revolver Upstairs, Triple R, All Of The Above, Burn Crew, Chapel Tattoo, Colonel Tan’s, Factory Sound, Final Outline, Fur, Implant, Inpress, Madman, Obese, Ozhiphop, Razor Paint, Seven Milligram and Sneaker … Continue reading 11th Annual Revolver MC Championship