Battlefield Hardline Review

Over the last few weeks, our constant finger on the pulse look at the local hip hop scene has been interrupted. Not by the 9-5, not by our significant other… well, unless you can count our PS4. It’s been by Visceral Games™, and Electronic Arts latest venture into the Battlefield series. Battlefield Hardline is the latest addition to the long-time running Battlefield series. This one though, is a little different to those that came before it. Battlefield Hardline jumps head first into the ultimate cops and criminals action packed adventure. This has been achieved through a world-class multiplayer experience that … Continue reading Battlefield Hardline Review

E3 2014 Highlights Battlefield Hardline

Visceral Games™, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio and makers of the critically-acclaimed Dead Space series, yesterday unveiled Battlefield™ Hardline, taking the award-winning Battlefield franchise to a new world filled with new ways to play. Coming October 23 in Australia and October 24 in New Zealand, Battlefield Hardline puts players right in the middle of the war on crime in the gritty and glamorous streets of Los Angeles and Miami, allowing gamers to live out their fantasy of being a cop or a criminal. The fantasy begins now in a bold move – Visceral Games made Battlefield Hardline playable for the … Continue reading E3 2014 Highlights Battlefield Hardline