Jayteehazard releases his second EP ‘Red Shift‘

The release signals the return of Jayteehazard’s hard-hitting percussion, hooky vocal chops and soaring arpeggiated synths, expertly glued together by glorious and booming sub-sonics. But ‘Red Shift’ also represents the interesting junction where electronic music meets the aesthetic of a humble hip hop kid. It sees Jayteehazard step into warmer musical territories – with the soulful vocals of Fred Leone on ‘Seen’; the delectable vocal percussion on ‘We Do’; and the infectious, delicate piano on ’Solis’, all demonstrating the union of organic and electronic sounds with supreme precision. His nuanced ‘sample like’ instrumentation sets him apart from his peers, injecting … Continue reading Jayteehazard releases his second EP ‘Red Shift‘

Jayteehazard Unleashes ‘We Do’, Announces Red Shift EP

In-demand DJ and producer jayteehazard continues to surprise with ‘We Do’ delving further into the intersecting turf between hip hop and electronic music. The heavy percussion of his hip hop roots are here, as is the nuanced ‘sample-like’ instrumentation, but a more distinct electronic personality comes across, with outspoken synth-leads in full cry amongst the booming bottom end. He builds upon his acclaimed production work on debut EP Cold Blue and remixes for the likes of Hermitude. ‘We Do’ was mixed by Diplo collaborator and Grammy nominated engineer/producer Franklin Rodríguez aka El Medico. Red Shift EP will be out February 6 … Continue reading Jayteehazard Unleashes ‘We Do’, Announces Red Shift EP