Flu aka Fluent Form – Flu Season

It’s no secret that Melbourne boutique hip hop label Crate Cartel have been putting out some of the purist hip hop music in Australia for years now. Having the deepest respect for the genre’s roots, the Cartel is conscientiously on point when adhering to age-old principals and legacies. None demonstrates this dedication to the movement more than Fluent Form, possessing all the background knowledge, experience and sensitivity required .Flu is the A-grade emcee, and what he has produced with new album Flu Season is no less than top-shelf hip hop. As Fluent Form has matured, so too has his music. … Continue reading Flu aka Fluent Form – Flu Season

Fluent Form – Word Merchant LP: Riots, Raps & Religion

We catch up with Fluent Form fresh off the back of his Word Merchant LP drop to talk about all things regarding the album. Crate Cartel member and emcee heavyweight Fluent Form has not only been busy acting on the small screen he has also been making some great hip hop. Check out what he has to say regarding his recent Word Merchant release below. aahh: Your  LP release titled ‘Word Merchant’ dropped a few months ago. It’s had some time now to soak amongst the heads, what kind of reaction and feedback have you had for the album this time … Continue reading Fluent Form – Word Merchant LP: Riots, Raps & Religion

Fluent Form – Word Merchant

True paragon of Melbourne’s hard-hitting hip hop scene; Fluent Form, continues to stay true to his namesake with new release – Word Merchant. Since releasing debut LP The Furnace in 2009, the first official release out of powerhouse independent label Crate Cartel, Fluent has gained much recognition and respect amongst his peers and industry alike. In between albums, Fluent Form has toured the country; penning guest verses for some of Australia s finest emcees including Bias B, Dialectrix, Ciecmate, Bigfoot, his fellow Crate Cartel label mates, and many more. He has opened for, and shared the stage with international heavyweights … Continue reading Fluent Form – Word Merchant