A TALE OF TWO……Blank Walls

A Tale Of Two Cities 4

Here is some cool graf done by DEKSTKP for Ciecmate & Newsenses newly released album A Tale Of Two Cities.

These photos were posted on the guys Facebook page. Check out their new album, released on Broken Tooth Entertainment.  A Tale of Two Cities finds the two men on the move at large in different cities, but tackling the same dilemmas. “They’re Watching” is an examination of the modern day surveillance state, “Club Meds” explores the complex world of recreational substance use and “Men Still Moving” is a global nomad’s travelogue. Judiciously selected guests include Billy Bunks on “Codename Cougar”, an ode to inter-generational love and Diem on the murky “Labyrinth of Shadows”. Finally, a hard hitting posse cut closes proceedings with Bunks, Swarmy of Overproof and Maggot Mouf warning pretenders to “Run For Cover”. Expect a tour real soon from these guys.
A Tale Of Two Cities

A Tale Of Two Cities 2

A Tale Of Two Cities 3