LazyGrey The Soundtrack

It’s been 4 years now since Lazy Grey’s last album Banned In Queensland. In recent years Lazy’s blessed a number of guest appearances on a number of releases, and put in much work with the 750 REBELS project, releasing the coveted and now sought after Spit Vicious 12’ in August 2007.

The Soundtrack, is out on June 26 on Karsniogenics . The entire production is done by none other than V, with DJ DCE on all the cuts. The album has some big guest appearances from the 750 REBELS crew.  Lenwun, Miss Brown, Jake Biz and the 10th addition to the crew, Bigfoot. Shogun Distribution has released a full write up about the album.

Here is a short extract from that release.

Lazy’s new album is The Soundtrack, a decidedly unexpected work. Rather than being the sum of his experiences to date, it is firmly grounded in the present: “This is a snap shot of ten months of penning thoughts, resulting in The Soundtrack. It’s not a soundtrack to my life, it’s more like I’m composing the soundtrack through what I do, make music, while the rest of ‘em are the actors and extras in the movie which plays out perpetually on this planet. Everyone’s playing their role, I’m just playing mine.”

Check out the release here at

Check the video for lead single “Don’t Cha Hear Me” here.