After a three year hiatus, DJ/ producer Danielsan, and MC Hau are back with hip hop act Koolism’s fifth album. It’s titled Umu (pron. Oo-moo). Hau explains that “Umu” is a Tongan word for an underground oven – a cooking technique that is practiced throughout the South Pacific.

“It’s a long and tiring process in which to prepare and to cook food slowly and thoroughly, but it’s results are rewarding and enjoyed by all who feast on it. That’s what I feel this album is like. A lot of time, money, heart and soul went into making this album, in which many cases, made it quite gruelling and trying. But after all that, the fruits of our labour are now ready to enjoy.”

First single off the set is Jam Hot.  Videos posted by Danielsan, on his myspace, give you a first hand at look at the some of the creative processes behind the first single. You can check these cool videos out here and here. Can’t wait to see some more! Umu is due to drop in the second half of 2009.

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