Horrorshow – New Single (Thoughtcrime)

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Horrorshow are set to release their brand new album, Inside Story, on October 2. Triple J’s Home and Hosed blog, features a little write up on the new drop, we also get a sneak peak at their latest track Thoughtcrime.

The first taste of Horrorshow’s forthcoming record is ‘Thoughtcrime‘, replete with the kind of smooth production that characterises a lot of the material produced by Elefant Traks artists: a sound that blends hip-hop rhythms with soul, funk and jazz instrumentation and samples. ‘Thoughtcrime‘ is underpinned by a great backbeat groove, topped off by Solo’s seemingly effortless flow. He reminds me a lot of Urthboy, which is never a bad thing. I’m a big fan of the “You can do it, put some thought into it” breakdown. This is a tune that’ll get you moving, and it’s nice to know Horrorshow have an actual message in their music as well.

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You can for a limited time grab the mp3 of Thoughtcrime via the Triple J website here.