Headstrong Company – Out Now

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At the stage where Australian hip hop is reaching a broader audience than ever before, Visions (MC), Kahs (MC), Cheech (MC/Producer), Omega Beats (MC/Producer) and davidL (DJ) have formed Headstrong Company to spread their collective message of truth, belief and how to make every minute count.

If you like rapid fire flows, intricate wordplay, thumping beats and tech scratching all combined to send a message with a meaning, look no further than Headstrong Company’s self titled 14 track debut.

2Biz had this to say about Headstrong Company’s latest offering: “The The last five years have been spent perfecting this masterpiece for the streets, to ensure you won’t find any filler tracks on this well crafted representation of what it is like to be part of the Company”.

Their energetic and electrifying live performances with the likes of Brother Ali, Delta and Staen 1, Def Wish Cast, Percee P, Social Change, Adroit Effusive, Mindfield, Dialectrix, Low Budget, Spit Syndicate and Bias B have now been transformed into the latest tasty treat to escape the Crackhouse. Once this album hits your system, pump up the volume and enjoy some of the best music Adelaide has to offer.

Guest appearances of the album include DJ Sum-One, DJ Sanchez, and the Crackhouse crew.
Available now at Clinic 116, Da Klinic, BSharp, Bigstar and Cold Crush.
Interstate stores should have them in a week or two.

Long Time Coming
Our world feat. DJ Sum-One
The Company Flow
Till The Day That I Die feat. DJ Sanchez
Last Night
Through The Flames feat. Stanmore Phoenix
Adelaide SA- DJ Sanchez Interlude cuts by DJ Sanchez
Who Do You Think You Are
Take Over feat. Omega
Welcome To The Company feat DJ Sum-One
Never Look Back feat G.Ford
5000 strong feat. The Crackhouse crew

Cover art by Eric Foenander