Koolism – Jam Master Jay Til Infinity Tribute

JMJ Til Infinity allaussie hip hop

Koolism; Hau and Danielsan have knocked together this tune in a day or two to show their love for the work of Jam Master Jay and his presence in helping to create this global phenomenon called hip hop. Koolism substituted some of the lyrics from ‘Jam Master Jay’ (from the ‘RUN-DMC’ album) – going head to head with RUN & DMC. Daniel created the beat, re-creating some of the same bits and cuts from the original tune. And there you have it.
So to commemorate the anniversary of JMJ’s death, Koolism are unleashing this tune to Koolism, Jam Master Jay, RUN-DMC & hip hop fans a like. They you enjoy the track and think about the man when you hear it. Here’s to you, big fella. Salute!

Lyrics by Langomi-e-Hau Latukefu
Drums, Bass, Cuts n stuff by Fresh Kid Beard
Recorded at Dan’s Dojo, South Yarra

Here’s what the guys had to say: RUN-DMC. What can you say? The first true superstars of hip hop. They’re the reason why a lot of people got into hip hop. They were the leaders of style when it came to music, attitude and fashion. Hell, most b-boys wear them striped garments because of these guys.
Obviously this tune is a homage/ tribute/ special dedication to one of the most charismatic DJ’s to ever touch vinyl, Jam Master Jay. The man was a huge influence on many DJ’s that came out after the RUN-DMC phenomenon. Danielsan would be one of the first to solidly agree with that statement.
On October 30th, 2002, JMJ was murdered in his studio situated in the New York borough he had always represented hard, Queens. The killer is yet to be identified and the hip hop community still mourns the man’s death. BUT – we’re here to celebrate his life.

Gear Used
Rode NTK, Nuendo, Sfz Sampler, Meinl 14″ Medium Hihats, Korg Nanokey, Roland TR808, Kjaerhus Classic Master Limiter, Fender Squire P-Bass, Presonus Inspire, cheap Logitech speakers + sub, Rane TTM56 mixer, Technics SL1200MKII turntables, Old Records, RUN DMC & JMJ

Turn up the box (jump on the jock)
Got a flock of rhymes I rock quite unorthodox
(His name is…) not important right now just clock…
the style, but if you need to know – here how it goes!

H-A-U (are the letters of his name)
I came with my man to help fan the flames
(So check out…) Dan (as he cuts these jams)
Snuck in a Stanley the man speak with his hands
Winnin’ when he pin ‘em down (1, 2, 3)
DJ Danielsan and the one, Hauie Beast!

Police trying to track down the (big beat) killer
Still at large, snares & kicks in the fridge of his garage
(in ’84) poppin’ & lockin’ to DeBarge
2010 – poppin’ the lock to your car

(We’re live as can be) – direct as we want to
All nice and decent crew – peace & one love
(The good news is that there is a crew)
Not (5), not (4), not (3), just two
Quick dap, turn around, rap – black out the premises
Then it’s just a matter of sentences added on
Top of one another like beats on a loop
The ice-cream man (to put you up on a scoop)
Don’t need coke, smoke or… (ecstasy)
I… (rock the freshest rhyme) cos that’s my specialty
Got a recipe like a piece of cake
Of lyric sheets of paper, beats and breaks
Dan man the plates when the decks on set
(There’s not a break…) that your neck can’t get
I’m in full effect mode, dress code: stunning
(And all wild…) girls get dumb when they come in
Next to Danielsan (is where he stands)
Leave the crowd stunned when the lungs expand
(So when asked, “Whose the best?”, y’all should say)
With no delay it’s the capital ‘K’

No bums off the streets, no superstars
But the ones (to rock beats that are truly large)
Junkie for this, I see your (scratch and cuts)
On your (arms) and your (legs) and even your (butt)
From the New Old (ground), we’re taking the (sky)
Keep it on the (low) when we’re out getting’ (high)
Gotta do it (big), we can’t think (small)
Tribute to MJ, play (off the wall)
Into the (night), into the (day)
Special dedication (Jam Master Jay!)

JMJ Til Infinity[20091018][320kbps].mp3

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BIG UPS TO KOOLISM for bringing us this one. Are you ready for The Umu!