Clash Of The Titans Postponed

Clash Of Titans allaussie hip hop

Ironlak is disappointed to report that the Clash Of The Titans event in Melbourne has been cancelled.
Originally COTT was to be a sub-event of a massive stadium event called Mega Rampage. After a series of hurdles the financial backers / promoters of the event had to cancel the larger side of the event but still attempted to proceed with a smaller event, which eventually became a graff only event. Unfortunately the financial issues for the main organisers led to the demise of the event.

All the guys at Ironlak would like to apologise for the late cancellation of the event. It was something that we were looking forward to and hope that it can still go ahead at a later date. We must also give a nod to Revok’s hustle for doing everything he could to salvage the event when things took a turn for the worst.
For more info please see Revok’s statement below.

After months of planning, I regretfully have to announce Clash Of The Titans is canceled… or at least for the time being.
Due to unforeseen financial issues with the events proprietors I’ve decided rather than go forward on a diminished scale and do a half-assed event… To postpone it to a later date.
My sincerest apologies to the community as a whole, especially those whom have booked travel. I promise to make this event still happen as it is long overdue… Except this time back on home turf bigger and better.

Stay tuned for updates on this event.