The Tongue Is Dead Mixtape (Out Now)

The Tongue is dead allaussie hip hop

If you missed it yesterday, Elefant Traks, The Tongue, dropped his brand new mixtape The Tongue Is Dead. Not only is it 15 tracks deep, featuring some fine artists including the likes of Joyride, Jane Tyrell, Dazastah, Ozi Batla, Mind Control, Blades and DJ Skoob, it’s also available for a FREE download. You gotta love that!
You can follow the link here to grab your copy.

2010 has been announced for when The Tongues drops his new album and while we all hang for that, we’re sure this mixtape will keep you in check till then. Below you can check out the full track listing.

1. The Funeral
2. Can It Be? ft Joyride
3. Crazy ft Joyride
4. Let Us Live ft Jane Tyrrell
5. MVP
6. Hate Waiting ft Blades
7. DJ Skoob Interlude
8. Universal Mind Control
9. Terrorist Hotline
10. Run ft Dazastah
11. Ghost
12. Imagine ft Ozi Batla and Joyride
13. Sunday
14. Urthboy’s Eulogy
15. Heaven/Outro

Check out The Tongue’s upcoming shows at his MySpace here.

For all the Twitter heads out there you can follow The Tongue here.