Grifters Inc – New EP (Special Pre-Order deal)

About a three years ago, Trumps and Kast started making music together. About one year ago they released their first album; A Creature Of The Night, under the name Grifters Inc. An acrobatic year full of leaps and bounds later, they are back with their new EP, Checkout Chicks, Bargirls and Goths. The eight-track release is the second chapter in the life of Trumps, delivered over the uniquely constructed production of Kast.
For a very limited time, there is a pre-order offer available at the guy’s website here. Head to the site and fill in your details to cop this for free. This deal is only available as a pre-order, so don’t sleep.
01 – Don’t I Know You?
02 – Merry Go Round
03 – The Smile
04 – Roads To No-Where
05 – The Sweetest Face Of Sin
06 – The Other You, The Other Me
07 – I Hope The Wind Don’t Change…
08 – My Lady The Mistress

December 11, you can catch – Creative Strangers @ Rhino RoomGrifters Inc, Koolta, Dynamic Methods, DJ PT and DJ Sanchez
This will be the first time the new tracks from Grifters Inc’s new EP “Checkout Chicks, Bargirls and Goths” will be heard in Adelaide.
Koolta is also performing brand new tracks from his new EP “The Deportation”
Dynamic Methods (Dunks and Trace) will also be coming with a swag of new excellence. For the rest of the night, the music will be left in the very capable hands of DJ PT and DJ Sanchez. Sanchez’s mixtape “Back In The Mix” will also be available on the night, and have heard it’s worth a listen.