Double Album Launch – Fluent Form and Ciecmate & Newsense

Who: Ciecmate & Newsense, Fluent Form, Swarmy, Mata & Must, Doc Felix & No Name Nathan
What: “A Tale of Two Cities” & “The Furnace” double album launch!
When: December 18th
Where: Miss Libertines, Franklin St. Melbourne City.

Ciecmate & Newsense
have locked in Canberra & Melbourne dates for the “About Bloody Time!” section of the “A Tale of Two Cities” Tour… matched up with Fluent Form’s “The Furnace” launch and bringing down big Swarmy from Sydney, plus that proper shit of Mata & Must, this is going to be one of those shows that sticks in your mind. Newsense had this to say about the upcoming show.

“We’ve been working on our set and have incorporated 3 x ACT DMC Champion – DJ Buick into our live shows… time to get a new and improved show experience from us since we’ve been lacking in the DJ Department on our last few shows. The set is polished off and ready to roll”