Koolism New Track – Hanz High

Koolism dropped a gem of an email today to those on their mailing list, calling it a belated Xmas present (cheers guys!).
I like the style Koolism use’s to deliver these types of free downloads (see Jam Master Jay Tribute post/track here). I hope we can expect to see some more freebies leading up to the release of The Umu, which is expected sometime 2010. Here is a little bit of what Hau had to say about the free track titled Hanz High (see artwork above).

This is just another example of what Daniel and I can come up with on the spontaneous tip.

We were working on ‘The ‘Umu’ in the Dojo, listening to a few records when Daniel came across a few bits and pieces that sounded like they could be a seed for a boomin’ track. He started collecting bits from here and there (naaah, no specifics with that one) and the tune started to develop into a monster.
Naturally, I started writing to it – firstly, in my head, then jotting ideas onto paper. The chorus served as the inspiration to the lyrics. The boomin’ “C’mon and raise your hands hiiigh!” could have been the driving force behind a great party track, but meh… that was too obvious. So I started thinking about the police and their overly aggressive approach to such insignificant things (as you will hear the tune).

A day or two later, we recorded the vocals. Upon completion, we both thought, “wow, this is a top tune”, but we couldn’t see it working cohesively with the rest of the tracks we have already done for the album. So, here we are. Instead of letting it gather electronic dust in the hard drive (like many other tunes we have done), we’ve decided to unleash it to you guys – the appreciative music fan. So next time you’re about to instigate a riot or warming up in the footy sheds, throw this on and get hype!

Oh, 10 points to the person who can guess the inspiration behind the intro.

Below you can follow the link to the Koolism website, sign up for the mailing list and cop this killer track.

Here are the tracks credits:
Lyrics by Langomi-e-Hau Latukefu
Extra Bass by Plutonic Lab
Key pressing, Pad hitting, Switch flicking, Dial turning and Slider sliding by Fresh Kid Beard
Recorded at Dan’s Dojo South Yarra
Killustralion by Seth KOA+ graf below

Website link here.

Track link here.